“I said to him, You’re full of shit, Federico.”

One of the more memorable lines from today’s interview, which was a joy. We got four hours of great material — a (long) feature film shot in a day.

Now to edit it!

(I should make clear that my interviewee is a huge admirer of Fellini, despite the above.)

4 Responses to ““I said to him, You’re full of shit, Federico.””

  1. That remark is remindful of Anna Magnani’s appearance in Felini’s “Roma” in which she says to him “I don’t trust you.” But she does so affectionately. “And the Ship Sails On” is a neglected masterpiece.

  2. Booed at Cannes, now much admired. I really can’t work out why they took against it so badly.

  3. architekturadapter Says:

    This one and “Amarcord” are (for me) the best films Fellini made in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
    Lot’s of nostalghia but very entertaining and estosnishing sets / pictures … and political impact (the refugees rescued from the cruise-ship).
    I still try to catch up with your posts (a week holiday without internet), and I wonder who is your mystirous interviewee from Dorset. (I think you didn’t tell.)
    During holiday I was reading two books : “Blowing the bloody doors off” by an 89 years old leading man … And I’m reading “Get Carter and beyond”, a book who told me that marvelous Mike H. made the english version of this “ship sailing” Fellini movie, that I admire. Swell !!

  4. You may be on to something.

    I saw the English-language version once, on BBC2, and would like to see it again. Sadly, it’s disappeared, as nobody in English-language territories wants dubbed films (understandably).

    I’d like to see the English dub of Satyricon too, whose script Charles Wood worked on.

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