New at The Chiseler, this excellent piece by the Lumiere Sisters. I may have contributed the odd word or idea, but very little I can directly trace. Treat it as a Kubrickian monolith that’s just, you know, arrived from places unknown, its origins and purpose still a total mystery.

One Response to “Zilch”

  1. Interesting piece dudes. But a few points if I may. Hitch’s unfulfilled “Passion project” was a film of James M. Barrie’s “Mary Rose” which is about a woman who comes back from the dead. Hitch said he couldn’t figure out how to to it. But he did with “Vertigo” — the dead Madeline returning as the live Judy before both go back to the grave “Try and Stop Me!” is truly startling both for its climatic ynching and the relationship that precipitates it. Lloyd Bridges domination and manipulatioof Frank Lovejoy s right on the edge of rape. “The Joker” is unmitigated crapasis Tarantino’s attempt at bringing Sharon Tate back from the dead. As for Sondheim, forget “Send in the Clowns” — use this instad :

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