Mondo Rondo

I’ve just learned that I was runner-up for best interview, along with Daniel Ricuitto and our subject Barbara Steele, in last year’s Rondo Awards. Back in March. This was for the Sight & Sound piece which you can read here.

Good to know! I guess they didn’t know how to get in touch. If you ever see me nominated for anything, don’t assume I’ve heard about it.

More on Barbara soon…

Meanwhile, some limericks, this time about the 1950 D.O.A. (here, here and here) and Welles’ THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI.

4 Responses to “Mondo Rondo”

  1. Wow! Wat a lovely picture of barbar!

  2. Daniel Riccuito Says:

    We’ve been in the running for Rondos before, never notified though, and I bumped into this latest “runner-up” thingy belatedly and strictly by accident. I blame horror fans. Rude motherfuckers.

  3. I imagine they don’t have the staff to go seeking out nominees.

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