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The Long Walk

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Gustav Frohlich walks home from the war in Russia in Joe May’s HEIMKEHR (HOMECOMING, 1928).

Really striking super-low-angle tracking shot — the path Gustav’s on is ABOVE the camera — with miniature backgrounds matted in, creating the effect of a cross-continent odyssey. The matte effect is shonky as hell but kind of attractive. Those little thin flickering matte lines on expensive effects films always looked ugly, nobody realised that it would be better to make the matte lines like a foot thick.

Gorgeous film. Frohlich is, like everyone, crazy-wild in METROPOLIS, but wonderfully natural in ASPHALT. This one’s in between — he has great bits and bits where he seems demented. A shame, because the weatherbeaten Lars Hanson (Large Handsome) and sultry Dita Parlo are incredibly good and utterly consistent. Joe May’s best film, maybe?

Amazing miniature landscapes, straight out of FAUST, and even the film decomposition adds to it.