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Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , on November 11, 2021 by dcairns

Picked up some shelving in the street, redistributed the physical media collection, which keeps expanding recklessly, due to charity shop bargains. The discs Fiona & I have worked on are still stacked vertically in the hall by the bathroom, and now reach up to my nose.

There’s another set of shelves still out there, and I’m tempted to grab them only there’s nowhere I can put them without obstructing access to other shelves or rooms. But I might try anyway. Tempting to subdivide the flat up with shelves, into a Borgesian labyrinth. I think Fiona would allow this so long as I ran coloured threads to mark things out.

Here you can just about see DePalma to Gilliam. The new space allows me to leave a tiny bit of room for the net, inevitable arrivals, but I know from experience it won’t last long enough. Why, I ask, do I even own CARRIE, a film I don’t like and won’t watch again? Just on the off-chance, or because I like owning things, prefer to have eleven DePalma films rather than ten? But then, it’s inconsistent of me to have gotten rid of the wretched DOMINO, surely? Conversely, the only reason I own seven Stephen Frears films is that I haven’t seen four of them, and might one day feel like popping one in the Panasonic. The three earliest ones in the collection are ones I like. Would like to own GUMSHOE.