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The Sunday Intertitle: Footsie Index

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No intertitles in this unique 1914 short, PEDESTRIAN LOVE. A tale of a man on a make and a receptive maiden is told entirely with closeups of feet. In another film we’d call them inserts, but we can’t here because they’re all there is.

There IS one title of sorts, and I guess it IS an insert — a love letter.

Surprisingly, the film is part of a series built around leading man Marcel Perez, known at this time as Robinet (in other territories, Tweedledum of Nauke), and later as Tweedy. It’s surprising because he never appears except from the knees down, but he manages to give a richly characterful comic performance with just his lower extremities.

A few of Robinet’s short subjects for Ambrosio Films are available on YouTube, like this one, a nea-Bunuelian comedy of frustration. He died in 1929, a silent star to the end, though his short comedy output was varied with bigger films like THE DESTRUCTION OF CARTHAGE (DELENDA CARTHAGO!, 1914) and the title role in LE AVVENTURE STRAORDINARISSIME DI SATURNINO FARANDOLA (1913), which is fun.