Halloweenie Roast

7 Responses to “Halloweenie Roast”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

  2. bensondonald Says:

    Cheery Halloween background videos:
    MUNSTERS GO HOME: The Munsters sail to England to claim a family estate without ever leaving Universal Studios. Terry-Thomas and Hermione Gingold provide legit accents.
    MAD MONSTER PARTY: The primitive ancestor of Nightmare Before Christmas, by the folks who made all those stop-motion Christmas specials. Boris Karloff sings, sort of.
    THE HAUNTED MANSION: Under all the effects and Disneyland references you have Eddie Murphy playing 1960s Bob Hope.
    GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW: Oddly endearing sub-AIP cheapie, bluffing drive-in teens into thinking they saw a movie.

  3. I cannot get on with Mad Monster Party. The script… the gags… the effortfulness. It would have worked as a short. It’s not even short for a normal feature, it’s looong for an animated one.

    Carry on Screaming is probably my go-to film for jolly spook stuff. Just the fact of it being shot on the same film stock as Hammer films, in the same time and place, it achieves an accuracy that none of the other Carry On pastiches can afford.

  4. David Ehrenstein Says:

  5. bensondonald Says:

    And this, which always struck me as a bit grim:

  6. The Walking Cold

    “They are among us!”

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