Maine Arteries

Why is Ralphie Glick in his pajamas?

He disappears in the woods, walking home from a friend’s house with his brother Danny. The vampires have got him. But then he appears, hovering in the fog at his brother’s window. In his jim-jams. What’s that all about?

I turned to Stephen King’s book for answers, and learned that the window-floating scenes (it happens again, when Danny’s in hospital: kid just can’t catch a break) aren’t in it. So I have to take my hat off to Tobe Hooper and screenwriter Paul Monash (THE FRIENDS OF EDDIE COYLE). The scariest thing in the show, possibly; certainly the thing everyone was talking about at school the next day. And it’s pure filmic invention, born out of the inference that the vampires must have gotten at Danny somehow.

I put my hat back on again so I can take it off to Ronnie Scribner, who plays the littlest vampire. Good work, kid! You’re terrifying in that show.

This might be a question best put to regular Shadowplayer Scout Tafoya, whose book on Tobe Hooper is here.

Salem’s Lot stars Original Hutch; Prof. Humbert Humbert; Ramey Holvak; Holly McClane; Dr.James Kildare; George Peatty; Mr. Creepy; Father Dyer; Brisbane Bird; Eddie Goody; Baron Vladimir Harkonnen; Ed Harken; Sherry Peatty; and Needles, Yellow Jacket Assassin.


5 Responses to “Maine Arteries”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Don’t forget Reggie Nalder!

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    Scout was on the University of Texas Zoom presentation last Friday with Kristopher Woofter, eric Dodson, and Joe Bob Briggs. He (and the rest) sounded very impressive. It was arranged to promote Woofter and Dodson’s AMERICAN TWILIGHT anthology.

  3. Scout’s a great booster of Shadowplay, and we collaborated on a series about Cannes ’68 and the films that didn’t screen.

    He suggests via Twitter that Ralphie is in his jimjams because it’s somehow scarier, and gives him a vulnerability that encourages brother Danny to open the window.

    I counter-suggested that maybe sinister antique-dealer James Mason has undressed the tiny corpslet and wrapped him in pyjamas for his own nefarious purposes.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    Is this your dark Gaelic imagination equivalent to “The Body Snatcher” or “Wandering Willie’s Tale”?

  5. Simon Kane Says:

    Phenomenally frightening. Untoppable. And a second hat off for the decision to rob the head vampire of all dialogue.

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