The Plasticine Philip Yordan

The Blu-ray of JOHNNY GUITAR from Masters of Cinema is getting its preliminary reviews. I made two extras for this with editor Chase Barthel, a video essay and an interview with Nicholas’ Ray’s widow, Susan Ray. The first of these involved me, for some reason, making plasticine puppets of the principle figures, including Philip Yordan (above), who maybe wrote it.

The project I’m at work on now seems perfect for plasticine, but unfortunately I made a quite detailed figurine of a noted Canadian filmmaker, filmed it being destroyed, and then realised I’d chosen the wrong camera angle… Note to self: don’t do that again.

11 Responses to “The Plasticine Philip Yordan”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    I do hope you reference “The Closed Set” chapter of Gavin Lambert’s “The Slide Area” which is a “a clef” about the shooting of “Johnny Guitar”

  2. I had the pleasure of reading David Wingrove’s copy of TSA! Lambert is the best authority on Nick Ray, as also shown in Mainly About Lindsay Anderson.

  3. Peter L. Winkler Says:

    Nick Ray and Susan were not legally married.

  4. True, but I don’t care a jot for such distinctions. It’s Liberty Hall here at Shadowplay.

  5. Michael Wells Says:

    Well, there are only two noted Canadian filmmakers, so it’s a 50/50 chance I’m thinking of the right one.

  6. There are a few more who were noted once, and then de-noted.

  7. David Ehrenstein Says:


  8. Michael Wells Says:

    Ok, three.

    What the heck, four. I’ll give it to Atom Egoyan.

  9. I used to really like Egoyan, then he dropped off my radar after Felicia’s Journey, and every time I look at what he’s up to it seems really uninteresting.

  10. Michael Wells Says:

    More or less my feeling. I really loved “The Sweet Hereafter.” Went to a Q&A with him about it, and got his autograph on the soundtrack CD. A guy in front of me kept dozing off and snoring loudly and I had to poke him more than once.

    I did see a screening of Michael Snow’s “Wavelength.” And uh, there’s no accounting for taste. The most compelling thing at that event was the guy in the audience who thought there was something wrong with the picture or the sound (I forget exactly what) and kept clapping his hands to attract the attention of the projectionist, prompting other people to yell at him.

    This has been today’s edition of “Canadian Filmmakers and Annoying Audience Members, with Michael Wells.” Thank you for joining us.

  11. I guess Wavelength might make an audience member think something was wrong with the sound, or else there could be something wrong with the sound and most of the audience might not know.

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