U.N. memorable

Two images.

The top one is from NORTH BY NORTHWEST.

The lower one is from THE INTERPRETER. Obviously Sydney Pollack has positioned his camera as identically as humanly possible to whoever took the reference picture for Hitchcock, which was then turned into a glass painting. Hitch wasn’t allowed to film in the actual U.N. and Pollack was. Nothing against Pollack, but that just seems wrong. Sort your priorities out, United Nations. Next thing we know you’ll be allowing genocide.

I watched THE INTERPRETER a couple of weeks ago which means I have now completely forgotten it, save for a general impression that it was nice, sometimes suspenseful, well-crafted. Very pleased to see Britain’s own Earl Cameron in the cast, and Tsai Chin too.

Thanks to Randy Cook for pointing out this duplicate image. It feels like Pollack is tipping his hat to his producers by putting their credit over the Hitchcock copy, but for that to work he’d have to have told them about it. So maybe he just told them about the shot, and they said, “Can we PLEASE have our credit over that?” And at any rate I get the sense that Pollack was too modest a gent to put his own credit there.

4 Responses to “U.N. memorable”

  1. Mike Clelland Says:

    I saw that movie, and then completely forgot it too. But, I lived in NYC for over a decade, and this film captured it very well. Many movies miss the mark. I envied Nicole Kidman’s apartment, that’s one of the more beautiful (and cinematic) blocks in the city

  2. The Brooklyn scenes were close to where I’ve stayed as a visitor, so that was nice for me too.

  3. Simon Fraser Says:

    My then wife worked for the UN and we were all very excited to see the movie when it came out. Then it came out . The excitement faded.

  4. The only thing I remember about “The Interpreter” is that story about them filming in the UN, and Sydney Pollock in his 70s, with a bad back, straining to pick up a pistachio shell that one of the crew had dropped on the carpet. Just to keep things nice, cos the UN were doing them a favour.

    Somehow I felt that this moment had more humanity than the movie itself.

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