Gayer Than Thou

And remember, the correct pronunciation of “dinosaurus” rhymes with “rhinoceros.”

3 Responses to “Gayer Than Thou”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Cue Eartha!

  2. Carl-Edward Says:

    I think Miss Crawford acquired a gay following in the ‘fifties, when she obliterated her beauty with harsh and overdone makeup, and began appearing in – for the most part – bad films. Too, her acting technique changed for the worse. She was at her best in the ‘thirties – but few gay men appreciate restraint and subtlety. Most of them probably liked the film version of: ‘Mommie Dearest’.

  3. Joan definitely has gay fans who appreciate her good performances of the twenties, thirties and forties, and don’t just enjoy her as camp. Though there are movies and performances which work on both levels at once.

    I agree that the makeup became a problem in colour especially (but still in Sudden Fear it’s not great). Once she went fair-haired in the later TV work, she looked human again, and softer.

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