We had our tickets for this exhibition booked last year. Covid closed the gallery. We rebooked THREE TIMES — and our persistence has, it would seem, finally paid off…

I’ll report back.

2 Responses to “Exhibition”

  1. The thing with Harryhausen is that he entices you to CHOOSE to suspend disbelief — the guy who said you always know they’re stop action puppets was on to something. Likewise classic Muppets and Disney matte painters.

    I’ve seen effects that were technically immaculate but eye and mind just didn’t accept them. Sometimes it’s scale or camera moves that are clearly impossible. Sometimes it’s just not right. Harryhausen’s creations were always somehow right.

  2. There’s a consistency to Harryhausen’s work — he doesn’t swap in unnecessary new techniques. And then, he really gives life to his characters. And he gives them muscle and heft, which CGI always struggled to do in the early days.

    The exhibition gives fresh appreciation to his scenic talents also, with the sketches showing the influence of Willis O’Brien, Gustave Dore and others.

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