The Sunday Intertitle: Garry Pill

Happy to have solved a minor mystery for HippFest: perusing the charming A KISS FOR MARY PICKFORD, which I’ve written about for the fest (buy a ticket to read my programme notes and see the movies), I came across the above puzzling intertitular utterance.

The film’s Jerry Lewis-like dope hero has inadvertently performed an impressive stunt at the Russian movie studio he’s crashed. So I figured this was supposed to read “Harry Piel,” after the German Jackie Chan, who was a popular writer-director-producer-star and stuntman, as well as an enthusiastic Nazi later on.

The corrected subtitles will be used today for the first time when the film screens at 14;30hrs.

One Response to “The Sunday Intertitle: Garry Pill”

  1. Well done! “Garry Pill” is the translator just throwing in the towel. Good intertitle translations require a confluence of people who know the language and people who know Harry Piel.

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