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Minimalist Thrills

Posted in FILM with tags , on March 8, 2021 by dcairns

THE RETURN OF CHANDU, briefly paused by a collapsing hard drive, is now in full flow again, if you can call it that, and continues to be thrill-a-minute stuff, only the pace is such that one minute takes twenty to unfold.

Episode Six, Chandu’s False Step, seemed to consist mainly of a very detailed recap of Episode Five, The Invisible Circle (said circle, being fiery, was in fact all too visible, at least to us). It ended with Chandu’s yacht being sunk. Rescuing Princess Nadji is turning out to be quite an expensive operation. I look forward to an episode entitled Negative Equity.

Episode Seven, Mysterious Magic, had no mysterious magic to speak of, but Chandu, having washed up on the lost island of Lemuria, did make a false step at the end, plunging through a trap door and belatedly fulfilling the title of the preceding episode. Maybe we’ll eventually get an invisible circle. In fact, maybe we already have, How would we know, unless someone tripped over it?