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Gadget Perversity

Posted in FILM on February 12, 2021 by dcairns

Back when I edited on film (way, way back) it used to be an immutable law of nature that the tiny, very bright light bulb in the pic-sync I cut on (not an ideal editing platform, basically just an engine for winding film and magnetic stock, with a tiny screen smaller than the shape a director makes with their thumbs and forefingers) would BLOW about a day before we finished the cut, necessitating a trip to a weird optical supply store that would issue an expensive replacement. Which I would pay for, because I needed it right away, whereas the owner of the pic sync would have paid for it maybe a week or a month later when it was too late.

I’ve just encountered the digital version of that — a day before our final, final cut of the film I shall call only WIBR, my spare drive with all the large files on it has become an unresponsive brick, possibly to do with me sitting on it in the wrong manner. Worse, that drive has CHANDU on it! What to DU?