Mission Creep

Having transformed the audio commentary from a thing where you maybe prepare notes or perhaps a full script, or just get together with a pal and improvise entertaining chinwaggery, into something where I wrote a script, edited audio and rewrote, and created an alternative soundtrack around it with actors and archive sounds and moved the film’s original audio around to create flashbacks and callbacks, basically spending more time on it than the film’s original dubbing mixers would have or could have…

…I’ve now taken a commission to do a long video essay and turned it into a full documentary with interviews, including celebrity guest appearances, archive film, never-before-seen outtakes and auditions (maybe), spectacular scenic interpolations, animation (maybe) and various other bells and whistles…

Now it’s become a compulsion and I’m starting to think we should have an original score

3 Responses to “Mission Creep”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    If not an original score Ho about some Nino Rota ?

    (It’s Fellini’s birthday today)

  2. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Oh Hell, MK2 has taken down “Paranoid Park” — which uses the score from “Fellini Casanova”

  3. Nino Rota is untouchable. Irreplaceable — which is why Fellini had to keep using his music even after he died.

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