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Dystopian Cinema

Posted in FILM on December 30, 2020 by dcairns

Can’t you just feel the joi de vivre seeping out through the soles of your feet as you scan these images? Your eyes desperately scan the colours, the fashions, the faces, searching, searching in vain, for a sign of hope.

I don’t really know what these films are, though the titles flashed up multiple times during each trailer. I’ve blanked them. They seem without hope. They make me feel like a visitor from another world, where everything is peaceful. And I’ve arrived in the middle of a football match.

Even when the colour isn’t completely faded like a postcard sun-bleached in its rack, and the aspect ratio isn’t fucked up beyond all recovery, the images have a weird depressive affect. This is the kind of entertainment humanity likes. You like buy feelthy postcard, yes?

In this world, things are much harder than in the afterlife. In this world, you’re on your own.

Well, we were put here to suffer.

Here, have some more. I can take it if you can.

Put on a happy face.

Pain in chest. Numbness down one side. Is that good?

Lo! Carrying on the dystopian sixties-seventies theme, Tim Concannon delivers a late entry for The Late Show, delving deep into the mind-altering career of British sitcom star Richard O’Sullivan. Well, these things have to be done. The result, in this case, is quite brilliant.