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The Late Late Show

Posted in FILM with tags , on December 1, 2020 by dcairns

The Late Show is late! — it would traditionally be starting today.

I’ve been too busy on this damn commentary track — more of a SPECTACULAR AUDIO ADVENTURE, I’d call it — so I haven’t (a) watched any late movies (b) written about any late movies or (c) recruited lots of co-bloggers.

But rest assured, I intend to have a mini-Late Show before the week is out. I do have one lovely guest entry, and I can cram some viewing and writing in.

Meanwhile, it does seem a bit odd to be posting that I have no posts, but if you want to read my stuff and are dissatisfied with this offering, my novel is available and it’s very reasonably priced. Americans can get it here, Brits here, and Amazon carry it on all other territories.

And the paperback version is coming soon…