Desert Bloom

THE SHELTERING SKY from Arrow is the latest Blu-ray to feature a video essay by Fiona and I, with Stephen C, Horne editing. A fascinating and challenging film to write about. Lost in Transit covers Vittorio Storaro’s highly personal colour theories, book v. film, the positioning of TSS in Bertolucci’s career, and much, much more.

I hope you’ll buy — but I also and even more so hope you’ll buy my novel, We Used Dark Forces, available at Amazon US and UK and you can also read it on Kindle Unlimited and I get paid by the page, like Henry Miller doing his Parisian porn.

I could never be bothered with a Patreon page but buying the book is a way of supporting Shadowplay but it’s not just a donation — you get 250+ pages of hand-curated words in the form of a funny story with the continuation of characters created in my short film THE NORTHLEACH HORROR. So you can treat it as a book or as a means of tipping for the daily content here.

7 Responses to “Desert Bloom”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Looking forward to her what you guys will have to say about Bowles and Bernardo. A great match-up producing one of his very best films. That Bowles very first novel became such an instant success has always amazed me, as it’s about a man desiring his ow obliteration and the wife he leaves behind assuming his “spirit” in some ineffable way. Bowles had a fairly flourishing career as a composer when he decided to write “The Sheltering Sky” — inspire by Jane’s “Two Serious Ladies” (the dark masterpiece of American literature. Paul flourished as a writer while Jane drifted into bi-polar psychosis and the very obliteration Paul described in his novel.

    I trust you’re aware of their “New York Marriage” Paul and Jane were friends but not sexually or romantically involved. Paul got into trouble when the NYPD were on the verge of busting him for “entertaining” young men at a notorious hot-bed new York hotel. So he and Jane married (pleasing their respective parents) and “Got Out of Dodge”), heading first to Mexico before settling in Tangier. The Couple in “The Sheltering Sky” are NOT Paul and Jane. Maybe on some symbolic closeted level but not in “real life.” Bertolucci has Debra Winger’s (superb) “Kit” carry a copy of Djuna Barnes’ “Nightwood” doubtless as a reference to Jane’s lesbianism, though “Kit” isn’t a lesbian.

    Oh and the very beautiful Campbell Scott is marvelous as the “third Wheel” in tis tragedy.

  2. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Here’s a song Bowles wrote that puts a letter Gertrude Stein wrote to hom to music Stein insisted that “Freddie” was the right name for him — not Paul

  3. I wish Campbell Scott was a huge movie star! Love him.

    On other news:

  4. Yes, we comment on it. There’s a nice interview with the art director who explains how they managed to mask out the modern aspects of the Tangiers dock with fake oil drums…

  5. David Ehrenstein Says:


    Christopher Isherwood named his most famous literary creation Sally Bowles in honor of Paul who he was wildly taken with. But alas his sentiments were not returned.

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