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Close Run

Posted in FILM with tags , on November 5, 2020 by dcairns

I took a day off blogging yesterday, something that only happens once every couple of years, as you’ve probably noticed. I was definitely hoping we’d have a bit more certainty today about the outcome of the US presidential election. I think I’d be more confident Joe Biden had won if it weren’t for my long history of being disappointed by democracy, and the incumbent’s strange twilight fascistic urges. “Not even a proper fascist,” somebody said, which is somewhat true, but it’s not for want of trying.

My first encounter with an election was when I was tiny and my mum said she was going voting and I thought she said “boating” and I wanted to come too.

“No,” she said, “voting.”

“Yes,” I said, “boating. I want to come too.”

This exchange was repeated a few times and I ended up accompanying her to a church hall where she did something boring in a booth and then we went home.

“When are we going boating?” I complained.

“I told you, it’s not boating, it’s voting.”

“That’s what I said. Boating.”

It hasn’t really improved since then — I can recall feeling good when Tony Blair got in — the first time a UK result favoured my side since I was old enough to take part — and Blair of course proved a colossal disappointment (the signs were already there but at least he wasn’t a Tory) and Obama was a relief but also subsequently disappointing in many ways but at the very least at least he paused the deterioration.

So I’ve become a pessimist about these things which is against my normally sunny nature. And here we need a clear result or else Trump seems likely to cause trouble, and Nevada is driving me crazy right now. You can’t find the resources to keep counting?

I don’t want to make anyone complacent but it is possible that Trump’s noises thus far are largely for his own benefit, I suppose. We know he has a fragile (maybe unformed?) ego and so maybe he has to tell himself he won, just for self-preservation? Will he actually attempt to seize the election? Legal challenges are to be expected, including baseless ones, unless the outcome is super-positive and even then, he’ll probably try. I’m just hoping there are no extra-legal challenges and no violence.

Is that too much to ask?