We Used Dark Forces

My first novel (evah!), We Used Dark Forces, a Lovecraftian dieselpunk comedy about a group of mad scientists using perverted science to try to win WWII for Britain, is now available to buy on Kindle from Amazon. For instance, in the UK and US.

Thanks to Danny Carr for the fantastic cover art, and Sue Osmond for the photo of the man and Steven McNicoll, the man.

It looks like I’ll probably do some paperbacks a bit later.

Meanwhile, you can SEE two of the book’s protagonists in action in the short film THE NORTHLEACH HORROR, which stars Freddie Fox as the horribly sane mad scientist Whitsuntide and the above-mentioned Mr. McNicoll as his faithful chum, McWheattie.


7 Responses to “We Used Dark Forces”

  1. Well that was — striking. Strikingly entertaining, I mean!

  2. its been so many years since I used amazon its demanding to know who I am … flouncing around room now … I will attempt to buy tomorrow – well done on your literary flowering

  3. NB Mandel, are you a speed-reader?

    Oh, you mean you watched the film? Glad you enjoyed! Hope you’ll try the book.

  4. Congratulations! Speaking of Freddie Fox, I just watched the execrable Three Musketeers (2011), and he was one of the few, but brightly burning, highlights. A feat, indeed.

  5. Yes, that was one of the things (his bits, only) I looked at to convince myself he’d be good at comedy. He fairly throws himself into it. A trouper!

  6. Simon Kane Says:


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