Great Guns

“One of John Guillermin’s best” may not sound like much of a recommendation to those who know him for THE TOWERING INFERNO or his two KING KONG monstermeanors, but GUNS AT BATASI is pretty gripping stuff, with PEEPING TOM’S Leo Marks among its writers. And it’s one of Graham Stark’s few action cinema roles (top, right).

The latest Forgotten By Fox.

12 Responses to “Great Guns”

  1. David Ehrenstein Says:

    Mia Farrow is most definitely “unearthly.” And here’s why ( a link to my favorite film of 2020 so far)

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    Sterling review, David. Actually, the Final Solution thesis is not too far away from the mark. In his BURKE AND HARE (2003), Owen Dudley Moore cites the infamous views of Dr. Knox in 1850 who proposed the very same thing about the Celtic population. It is also cited in a book dealing with British racism the title of which I’ll have to look up

  3. Tony Williams Says:

    David E. I’ve cited this in my request to the library to obtain Woody’s autibiography and his latest film. While STALIN by Trotsky (2019( got instant approval, I’ve heard nothig about the other two requests so far. “Mamma Mia!”

  4. Cut together like that (following the link) EVERYBODY seems like a bad actor. Woody’s “non-event” line is really weird and creepy. If you’re saying it never happened, say it never happened! Don’t say it was a non-event. Talk about being a poor witness on your own behalf.

  5. the whole commotion masks a tawdry plot orchestrated by MF to provide a job and place in polite society for her small-footed but otherwise unexceptional son.

  6. There’s a vicious rumour that Ronan not only wears blue contact lenses for that Sinatraesque gleam, but had his legs broken to make him taller (the old reverse-Toulouse-Lautrec bit), hence his strangely short arms.

    But he’s going after Trump right now so I wish him success.

  7. chris schneider Says:

    Very nice work, David. For a minute there my memory had this confused with GUNS OF DARKNESS (Asquith, 1962). Not that that one really sticks with me. You ever see it? A scene-let with David Niven attempting, unsuccessfully, to make love with Leslie Caron …

  8. I haven’t seen that one. There are some early Asquiths I’d love to see but I’m not much compelled by any of the later work I’ve glimpsed, not even Being Earnest.

  9. Charles W. Callahan Says:

    I’m having a snit. You neglected to mention John Guillermin’s

    TARZAN GOES TO INDIA. Get with it please.

  10. I guess I saw that, but I do remember Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure, which has Sean Connery but not as Tarzan. And, I now see, Niall MacGinnis and Al Mulock!

  11. “Satan is his father!”

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