The 10th

Stan demonstrates to the key to surviving lockdown: pie

It’s my birthday! I am mumblety-mumble years old and will celebrate with Fiona by meeting friends and, later, finishing off the Pordenone Festival of Silent Cinema by devouring their Laurel & Hardy programme. This being Pordenone, where obscurity is the new ubiquity, this is a programme of Laurel films and Hardy films, not Laurel & Hardy films. One thousand times the rarity value and one five-hundredth the laughs, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Maybe DON’T try this on your piano?

Pordenone, concentrating on delivering ALL of its programme online, has gotten some things right that Bologna just couldn’t (rights reasons), but the principle of making a film available for 24 hrs seems to work, even if there are benefits to watching each streaming movie “live” with a crowd of online friends.

Yesterday I saw TENET, partly for historical reasons, so I’ll review that soon. Interesting going to the cinema with ads saying “Welcome Back!” even as Cineworld, the UK’s largest chain, announces closure, and Covid cases skyrocket, and seeing a trailer for the new Bond film that announces “Coming in November!” which is no longer true. And about three other people in the auditorium. By “interesting” I guess I mean “melancholy,” but hey, this is autumn.

3 Responses to “The 10th”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    An interesting project would be to run Laurel’s movie parodies directly after their subjects. There are bits that are clearly dependent on seeing the original, which now occasionally work as sheer surreality but sometimes just lie there.

    Recently revisited the strange mess that is Larry Semon’s “The Wizard of Oz”. Ollie is Larry’s rival for Dorothy (here 18 years old), then a sort of ally in Oz (briefly outfitted as a tin man), then a fink before vanishing from the movie. Oh, and the Wizard’s main trick is producing a female impersonator. An excellent print was included on a DVD release of the MGM version.

  2. Stan’s parody films are, I think, his most purely enjoyable works before he teamed up with Ollie. I’d love to own a compilation with all of them. Since several are incomplete it’s perhaps an unlikely project for anyone to undertake, but if they do they have at least one customer.

    Had the pleasure of seeing a tattered remnant on Monsieur Don’t Care in Bologna a few years back and it was joyously silly.

  3. Happy birthday! The comedies were more fun than I expected in the end. Much more fun than Tenet…

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