Streets Behind

In Pordeone Silent Film Fest’s first shorts collection, we saw travel films of foreign parts, including Krakow. And now locations wizard John Bengston has matched three of the views to their contemporary equivalents.

Hmm, Poland needs more trees. Well, we all do.

Yes, 1929 versus 2020, it’s all about the trees.

John’s current project deserves your attention: there’s an alleyway in LA with a curious and romantic history. This alleyway deserves a name to match its incredible cinematic heritage. I’ll let John explain:

John writes more about silent movie locations here.

Also enjoyed at Pordenone: the amazing 65mm Bioscope films, whose large-format clarity astonishes. I hope these will become more widely available, they are the closest thing to time travel you can have without a tachyon drive.

3 Responses to “Streets Behind”

  1. Simon Kane Says:

    Catching Hard Day’s Night on the telly a couple of nights ago I thought I’d finally check out its locations. Ringo’s riverside walk is now unrecognisable through all the stupid trees.

  2. Chromecasted onto a 32-inch TV wasn’t the best way to watch the Bioscope films — but it was A WAY.

  3. Sit really close like your mom told you not to.

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