Cracked Actors

This fortnight’s Forgotten By Fox is one of the relatively few studio pictures of its era that remains unseeable in anything like its proper form: CRACK INTHE MIRROR, a Zanuck production directed by Richard Fleischer.


CRACK IN THE MIRROR stars Clarence Darrow; Georgette Aubin; John Wilkes Booth; Woodrow Wilson; Estelle Monserrat; Anson Safford; Fantomas; Felix Leiter; Inspector Hawk; and Major Duvalle.

2 Responses to “Cracked Actors”

  1. I’ve avoided watching this for, oh, 40 years because I’ve conflated it with the nearly identically titled Agatha Christie ‘The Mirror Crack’d.’ What a world.

  2. A Google image search for one invariably calls up images from the other, so the algorithms agree with you.

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