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Coming in October, November, December

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Anatole Litvak Week or Maybe Fortnight! Been watching lots of films by the not-insanely prolific but prolific-enough Kiev-born megaphonist and there is much to admire. So I don’t think I can fit it into seven posts and so why let it spill over when I can just call it a fortnight and look like I know what I’m doing?

October will also see the publication of a very special article for a respected organ. Kind of a Halloween treat. More later.

On October 12th, Arrow releases the Blu-ray of WARNING FROM SPACE, which has a text essay accompanying it written by yours truly, me. All about the film’s strange history of release in the English-language market, and the odd things done to it in the name of translation.

On November 2nd, the Blu-ray of THE SHELTERING SKY to which Fiona & I have contributed a video essay (edited by Stephen C. Horne, produced by Neil Snowdon) will be released by Arrow.

Both films are available to pre-order now.

In early December, tradition has it that The Late Show Late Movies Blogathon is held. A usual, it is open to all — start thinking now if you’d like to write something on a filmmaker, actor or studio’s late or last works. Don’t wait for an invite — volunteer, please!