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Midway through RKO horror-comedy ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY, popular comedy duo Ted Arsehole and Jim Fartface Wally Brown and Alan Carney visit a museum and speak to a professor (Ian Wolfe). The walls of the prof’s office, or “proffice,” if you will, are decorated with some really startling severed heads. They are much too good, in fact, to have been made for ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY, so I figured this was another case of recycled props, like the little dinosaurs from KING KONG that appear in Kay Kyser vehicle YOU’LL FIND OUT and in that other Arsehole and Fartface classic, GENIUS AT WORK.


I’m too ashamed to say how long it took me to work it out, but I finally clicked on THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME as the likely source, and so it proved to be. Evidently, also, more heads were constructed for TMDG than can be cleary seen in the finished film (several lurk, blurry and shadowed, in the far background), possibly as a result of censorship. It’s still kind of remarkable how many bodiless heads they got away with. But ZOB manages more, and the censor seems not to have objected.

They’re definitely too creepy for ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY — good job, whoever made them. I wonder how long they hung around the RKO props department. And did they ever go before a camera again?