I feel kinda guilty but also relieved that work has been flowing in more steadily than usual during this thing. My latest video essay, Money Has Been My Ruin, tells the story of Vittorio De Sica and is an extra on Arrow Academy’s new release of BICYCLE THIEVES, a substantial upgrade transferred from the original camera negative.

I like it when I’m unqualified for a job and have to research it — I think those circs result in some of my better pieces. With this one I had seen relatively little De Sica and was way behind on my neorealist viewing generally, but it incentivised me to catch up. Fortunately I had made inroads already…

And it was all worth it just to uncover this still:



21 Responses to “Encyclical”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Speaking of “ruin” Off Topic: Aged in Woody

  2. Tony Williams Says:

    I must applaud the two Davids today – yet again!. First, C for his comment “I like it when I’m unqualified for a job and have to research it.” This is more than can be said for certain people in my institution who seem to know everything! This is why I feel that the best critiics is often happening outside academia, Second, E, for his very relevant OT post and keeping us on our toes by constantly asking questions rather than blindly accepting a particular version.

  3. Hmm, Allen seems to be recycling chunks of Scoop, possibly his worst film…

  4. ehrenstein47 Says:

    What do you mean?

  5. ehrenstein47 Says:

    His worst film is “Café Society”

  6. Well, that one’s not great. I was thinking of Scoop. Not only do they keep saying “It’s a SCOOP!” in this trailer, both films feature an impossibly naive tyro journalist who gets drunk and gets involved with a famed film director.

  7. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Well that has nothing to do with the charge that Woody raped his adopted daughter.

  8. No, Woody’s former greatness and later, shall we say, unevenness as a filmmaker should not impact assessment of his guilt or innocence.

  9. I’m worried by that WSWS piece. It seems keen to invite us to be sympathetic to Weinstein over his “brutal” 23-year-sentence but at no stage argues that his trial was flawed, only attacking Farrow’s reporting.

    I do think the slogan “Believe Women” can be adequately rebutted by a study of The Devils of Loudon or The Crucible. I think there’s a definable psychological phenomenon in the patriarchy where the false accusation is a means by which the powerless can grab some power. I think the great bulk of accusations are true, but no gender has a monopoly on truth.

  10. Tony Williams Says:

    That wsws.org piece assumes readers have read previous detailed coverage of the Weinstein trial that by no means defends his behavior but actually deals with the “flawed” aspects of the trial. since Farrow was one of the “holier-than-Woody” protagonists, it naturally focuses on his downfall now that he has served the interests of the ruling class.

    Otherwise, I agree with you.

  11. One interesting speculation the piece makes, without drawing definite conclusions, is the question of why the NYT has chosen this moment to break with Farrow. The Tara Reade accusation does indeed seem like the most probable reason.

  12. Tony Williams Says:

    I think this does occur in previous articles on the issue and/or posts.

  13. ehrenstein47 Says:

    The NYT piece criticizing Satchel’s reporting does so on grounds that are to one side of the Weinstein story. The story is solid. Weinstein’s a rapist. Woody however is NOT a rapist — which the documentary I linked explicates in great detail. Satchel’s noxious SMEARING of his father — instigated, aided and abetted by his FUCKING PSYCHO of a mother is what’s at stake.

    David, have you actually looked at the movie? It’s nearly three hours long but that’s what’s required to tell the truth.

  14. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Here it is again Set aside some time and look at it.

  15. Tony Williams Says:

    I certainly will

  16. It’s really compelling. A shame that Allen is such a terrible witness on his own behalf, but the facts favour him strongly.

  17. Tony Williams Says:

    Yes. I’ve just finished viewing so thanks David E. Also, David C. That is why they have lawyers since unjustly accused defendants often can not articulate their cases by themselves since they do not know the rules of the judicial game and when they do they hinder their innocence. As a retired legal professor friend of mine once said, “Show me a Will and I’ll show you a lawyer who can get it changed in three minutes.

  18. ehrenstein47 Says:

    I’m glad you recognize the importance of this documentary. I’m doing all that I can to spread the word about it.

  19. Tony Williams Says:

    Yes, I’ve already done this with two people and will find others whom I can trust to have an open mind on this issue.

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