Comic book relief from the early nineties.

My friend, who is present online under the soubriquet of Japa Fett, created the character of Waterhouse, an actual house made of water, and astonished his friends at Edinburgh College of Art. Another friend, Garry Marshall, ran Atomic Comics, and decided to include a “sub-atomic mini-comic” featuring the wet residence’s adventures, as a free giveaway booklet in the latest issue.

I seem to be the co-star in the front cover strip.

I think Waterhouse was a way for Japa Fett to explore aspects of western culture, including the way western culture saw eastern culture, and to create humour out of his strange version of the English language and his really strange way of thinking about things. Some of the strips might not make you laugh first time round, but might make you laugh seventh time around. The punchlines may be diversions from the hilarity imbued in every word and line. Even if they don’t make you laugh they might make you feel strange.

waterhouse 1


They also get better if you read them aloud, quite slowly. They will give you the feeling of being in a foreign land, where nothing quite makes sense.

More Waterhouse next week!

2 Responses to “Waterhouse#1”

  1. I’m getting a real Krazy Kat vibe here.

  2. High praise!

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