The Sunday Intertitle: Race Day

Obvs Soderbergh’s LOGAN LUCKY should be triple-featured along with LOGAN and LUCKY, which came out close enough to it to be a bit confusing to this old man.

It’s quite nice — the plot is neat (though aspects of the prison break had me wondering how on earth anyone on the outside could know this was possible — yet two guys NOT in prison plan a successful break-out), the characters are fun. Smart script by Jules Asner for some reason credited as Rebecca Blunt. It has Seth McFarlane and I still don’t like anything that guy does, but as he’s playing a creep whose story function is to get punched, he wasn’t too damaging.Little Farrah McKenzie, playing Channing Tatum’s kid, is the star of the show, followed by Daniel Craig, essaying another Foghorn Leghorn voice. (Upon beholding him in KNIVES OUT, my sainted mother declared “You can cut his head off but I’ll keep the rest of him.”) Adam Driver continues to be able to do anything, seemingly.On this one I felt like Soderbergh’s cinematography (rich like OCEAN’S 11 even without the aid of neon) was better than his editing. There are lovely passages like a-lying-in-bed montage where each image bleeds through at different speeds on different sides of the frame — did he do lighting changes on set like in CITIZEN KANE or is it just the wonders of colour correction? But that’s a directorial choice. The actual ordering of images and cutting within sequences didn’t strike me as particularly deft, with scenes dying out on weak notes and a lack of clarity in their linkage. The two deleted scenes included on the DVD should have been in there, also (whereas I recommend the outtakes from OUT OF SIGHT for the sheer “WTF were they thinking?” quality of the bath essence dialogue).

But it’s fun. Almost made me forget this was Trump country and I should hate these people. Well, one shouldn’t hate. (The UK trailer for the film used alternate takes and different versions of gags which made for a snarkier, more Coens-like portrayal of the characters, presumably calculated to appeal more to smug Brits like me.) But, owing to events that overtook the filmmakers, politics does become the trumpeting elephant in the room. Like, if King of the Hill were airing today, it would be a much darker, more unlovely show.

2 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Race Day”

  1. Patrick Wahl Says:

    “Almost made me forget this was Trump country and I should hate these people.”

    The more smug elitist condescending comments like this I see, which I see almost daily, the more I hope he wins a second term. I’d prefer if you’d stick to talking about movies.

  2. First, I’d point you to the next sentence I wrote. Then I’d simply say that it’s my blog and I’ll write what I like. Your preference doesn’t concern me and I’m sure you can find blogs in which there isn’t the slightest hint of politics to trouble you.

    Smug elitist AND condescending? Talk about the belt and braces and safety pin approach. It isn’t actually smug to dislike those who hate one’s own values, I don’t think the rust belt Trumpists are smug, they just have a take on things which is antithetical to mine. Only the middle-class left gets called smug, though both groups are somewhat settled in their values (liberals tend to be MORE open to questioning whether something might be better or worse that their original perception suggests — “question everything” being a liberal motto).

    There isn’t really much chance of Trump winning a second term though he might steal one. Already he wants to avoid expanding the postal vote, which would translate into the most colossal voter suppresstion in history as well as a colossal public health disaster. I would point out that you seem to be saying here that one reason you’d like him to succeed is because of your animus for those who make “smug elitist condescending comments.” Not really the best way to arrive at your candidate of choice, I would suggest a closer look at things like policy, performance, probity (the 3 Ps)…

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