How Are We Doing?


Checking in with you guys. How’s lockdown treating you?

I can’t complain. A bunch of work has been coming in, which I’ll tell you about nearer release time, so I’ve been oddly busy, and Fiona’s joining in on a forthcoming one so, having finished her work for Edinburgh Film Festival, she’s got a new project to occupy her.

I hadn’t mentioned the appearance of Masters of Cinema’s Buster Keaton, 3 Films, Vol 2. (featuring BATTLING BUTLER, THE NAVIGATOR, SEVEN CHANCES) mostly because I don’t have a copy yet and forgot it was out. I did a video essay for this with Stephen Horne and Imogen Smith which is getting nice reviews. I’m very pleased with it myself.

Also out this week, KWAIDAN features Shadowings, a collaboration between myself, Fiona and Timo Langer, a 35-min video essay burrowing into the film’s origins and creation. If you liked Golem Time… you’ll also like Shadowings. Lots of research for Fiona on this one, and my friend Kiyoyuki Murakami provided invaluable background long-distance from Tokyo so the piece should break new ground in what’s known about Masaki Kobayashi’s masterpiece in the west.

I think both sets are pretty well compulsory viewing and owning for cinephages, or those who have the loot, anyway.

Buster Keaton: 3 Films (Volume 2) (The Navigator, Seven Chances, Battling Butler) Limited Edition Blu-ray

Kwaidan (Masters of Cinema) Limited Edition Blu-ray

4 Responses to “How Are We Doing?”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    I’m usually a bit conflicted when an upgrade comes out. Kino put out an overhaul of its Keaton shorts collection including the alternate version of “The Blacksmith”, but some Amazon reviewers claim that “One Week” looks like a downgrade. I suppose I could keep the old set as well, but I’m someone who gets annoyed when a set of two or more features has one I don’t want.

  2. I would like to know who released this video?

  3. I’m pretty poor so the only Keaton feature I owned prior to these are a cheap edition of The Saphead (still unwatched) and The General, which I have from Kino for the Carl Davis score and in a much slicker MK2 version with a less-effective Joe Hisaishi soundtrack but a much upgraded picture. I plan on getting Buster Keaton 3 films, Vol 1, though, and hope to be contributing anytime there’s a Vol 3 so that one should be in the bag.

  4. Eureka! Masters of Cinema have so far released two Keaton three-film box sets. If you’re in the US you would need a multi-region player. I’ve contributed a video essay to the second set and also to the Complete Shorts.

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