Presenting Natan

natanI’m happy to say you can now all watch NATAN, the documentary Paul Duane and I made a few years ago, at this link.

It contains some strong, unpleasant imagery, but has been described as “essential viewing for cinephiles.” I might not go that far, except that if you don’t know much about Bernard Natan then you should and this film would allow you to do so in just over an hour.

8 Responses to “Presenting Natan”

  1. Jim Cobb Says:

    Absolutely fascinating. You had referenced your documentary often and I am so glad to get a chance to see it. It is a piece of film history I had no concept of. I am sharing the link with film scholar friends.

  2. pipelinepix Says:

    David, thanks so much for posting the link. I’m a long-time reader and admirer of your work and I’ve been hoping to get a chance to see the film. It does not disappoint – that’s an amazing story, and so well told!

  3. Ken Abramson Says:

    Just watched your film quite early Thursday AM. True Horror with Real People and nearly impossible to view and to fit into a context that can make sense of what you’ve shown. Thank you for remembering for the rest of us.

  4. Jeff Gee Says:

    Wonderful. The papier mâché (?) Natan head is inspired.

  5. Thanks, all.

    I was making papier mache masks as a hobby when Paul came to me with the project. Since he’s in Dublin and I’m in Edinburgh most of the collaboration was remote. One night I said on the phone, “I’m making a papier mache head of Natan. I don’t know if we’ll find a use for it.” Paul replied, instantly, “We’ll DEFINITELY find a use for it.” And he was right.

  6. what is the password for the Vimeo link to the documentary?

  7. Sorry, it’s private again, we’re going to put it on a paying basis once more.

  8. Thank you David. Would love to see it. Please Let me know how and where to view the link (even paying). I am an agent at CAA in LA and my name is Natan :)

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