Master Shots

The Chiseler’s Daniel Riccuito and I have collaborated on three little tiny pieces about particularly impressive master shots in cinema. The first is up, here. It’s from a Barbara Steele movie, yes, but Babs herself does not appear in this particular shot. But I figured you wouldn’t mind a pic of her.

4 Responses to “Master Shots”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    The filmmakers didn’t have money for elaborate sets or special effects but they did know how to create mood and atmosphere regardless. It’s a tradition that stretched from Murnau to Val Lewton

  2. The one thing the Italians DID spend a bit of money on was sets, I think — because they knew we’d be looking at them for a while. And I guess because it was easy to get lots of good props in Italy. where everything has always been nicely designed.

  3. I was considering the possibility of extending the logic from “monodrama” that bears on Riviere’s master shot to Barbara as monodramatic romantic hero (the only woman who qualifies? Let me know if that’s true). She’s written as a typical femme fatale, but her physicality makes her a female version of some Caspar David Friedrich character.

  4. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Your mention of Casper David Friedrich reminds me of Bertolucci’s film of “The Sheltering Sky” which constantly evokes Friedrich as Malkovich keeps taking Winger to Friederich-like landscapes – to stare into the abyss. Harriet White Medlin, a perpetual Italian horror film supporting player has a role in this Bertolicci.

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