Skin Games


A gruesome twosome from what one departing filmmaker referred to as Sixteenth Century Fox, if I recall correctly. Here, at The Notebook.

HUMAN CARGO stars Dallas; Quatermass McGinty; Professor Marvel’s brother; Elsa Bannister; and Beard #1

SLAVE SHIP stars The Cisco Kid; Pancho Villa; Mrs. Copperfield; Mr. Yunioshi; Addison DeWitt; Ma Joad; Capt. Alfred Dreyfus; Leuwen Grayle; Victor Radin; Mimi Wynant Jorgenson; Uncle Arn; ‘Sourpuss’; Queen Tika; Emperor Ming; Snug – The Joiner; Dr. John Lanyon; Stymie; Gimpy Lamb; and Laurence Talbot.

4 Responses to “Skin Games”

  1. As I understand it Zanuck was one of the few real liberals in Hollywood, so I’m disappointed that he is responsible for this shitty picture.

    I would truly love it if you do a review of the garden of evil. This is one of my favorite childhood tv memories. I saw it on Saturday night at the movies when I was very young


  2. “Secret Service of the Air” is one of four dullish programmers starring Ronald Reagan as Brass Bancroft, Secret Service agent. The first five minutes of this one may be the high point of the series:

  3. James Stephenson!

    A producer suggested to William Wyler than he might be worth using: Wyler promtly agreed and gave him a big role in The Letter. The producer was then aghast at Wyler featuring an unknown so prominently. Alas, JS didn’t live long enough to follow it up properly.

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