Maiden Voyage

Vol. II of The Shadowcast begins with a voyage on the unsinkable Titanic. There will be shuffleboard, and dancing in steerage.

Dress warm.



11 Responses to “Maiden Voyage”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Marvelous podcast. I’ve never seen the Nazi “Titanic” so I had no idea of how much Cameron took from it. Weird.

    Besides Gloria Stuart, which I like about the Cameron is that it begins in the present with the “submersible” crew’s cameras exploring the sunken wreckage. The thing wit all “Titanic” movies is “We know the ship sank. What else have you got to tell us?” And as you’ve shown answers to that question vary.

  2. Sudarshan Ramani Says:

    I think on the whole Cameron’s TITANIC did more good than evil in the long run. For one thing, it demonstrated quite thoroughly that a major blockbuster focused on a female protagonist (Kate Winslet/Gloria Stuart) can make a ton of money. So in that respects it’s quite advanced. The other is that it made Leonardo DiCaprio into the biggest movie star in the planet and so bankable that he has never had to do a superhero movie or a blockbuster, and thanks to that, Scorsese got a star to make a lot of profitable movies with.

  3. I was unconvinced by Leo as a Scorsese star until Wolf of Wall Street, but he triumphs in that one so it was worth the wait, I guess. And the alliance made Scorsese’s films possible, or at least possible on a far larger scale that they would have otherwise worked with..

    Cameron’s laborious dialogue never bothered me before Titanic, but somehow even the modern dress bits in that one are clunky and serve up cliches as if they were dazzling neologisms (“Everything he knows is wrong.”) He’s never recovered. But yes, it’s nice that it’s female-centred, as were the Terminator films and Aliens.

  4. ehrenstein47 Says:

    I think Marty sees Leo as a way to relive the youth he never hade. Leo is young ad vital. Marty is short and asthmatic. Leo’s fine in “World of Wall Street” but among his Marty movies I like “The Aviator” (a short history of color cinematography) the best.

  5. Tony Williams Says:

    Thank you for this podcast, David and Fiona. I can imagine you both dressed for dinner, David in white tie and tails, Fiona in 1912 gown with plumed headdress nearby with Momo in the background attempting to tip over the champagne bucket!

  6. Fiona Watson Says:

    Momo would definitely have a go at the champagne bucket.

  7. ehrenstein47 Says:

    I just thought of another “Titanic”-related film, Manoel de Oliviera’s “A Talking Picture.” It takes place on a cruise ship captained by John Malkovich and features a cast top-lined by Catherine Deneuve, Irene Papas and Stefania Sandrellii Here’s the trailer My favorite film by the great Portuguese eccentric (who lived and worked past 100) it inspired Godard’s “Film Socialisme.” But “A Talking Picture” ends with the ship sinking. Happily most of the passengers and crew are spared.

  8. Borzage’s History is Made at Night is a great rewrite of the disaster which we should have namechecked at the least.

  9. Of course somebody saw a need for animated Titanic movies, trying to cross Cameron with Disney with Bluth with anime …

    and there was a SEQUEL to this one, involving Atlantis:

    If shelter-in-place lasts long enough, I might watch them straight through.

  10. Jack Lechner Says:

    And then there’s this:

  11. Very funny. And Cameron can’t act, any more than he can draw or write in a 1912 style, so that’s good to know.

    When are we going to see those damn Avatar sequels, by the way? It’s like every time he has a hit he retires for ten years.

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