The Mother’s Day Intertitle: Go ahead, cry


“Go ahead, cry, my boy, the tears will do you good.”


POIL DE CAROTTE isn’t really a good Mother’s Day film, actually. There is one nice mum in it but the main one is terrible. Still, we would have been seeing it this weekend at the HippFest, so I wanted to commemorate Duvivier’s childhood drama.

Tonight my plan is to watch Claire Denis’ THE HIGH LIFE so I can discuss it here with students — and you guys — tomorrow. It’s just finishing its run on MUBI if you want to join in. I’m not sure how many students will turn up — they all have other things on their minds, understandably — but it seems worth a try.

On Friday evening there was a very good Facebook chat around the Clara Bow movie IT, a virtual silent filmfest, or httpfest, and I encourage everybody to do similar things to keep spirits up.


IT is on YouTube, here.

MUBI is at

3 Responses to “The Mother’s Day Intertitle: Go ahead, cry”

  1. julydogs Says:

    isn’t Mothers Day May 10?

  2. I’m in the UK and for some reason we have it now. So don’t panic. Not sure of the historical reasons for the difference.

  3. julydogs Says:

    Suspected such..but now it’s confirmed

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