Return of the Kings

New edition of Forgotten By Fox over here! Looking at Fox’s remakes of silent classics: DANTE’S INFERNO gets a look in, just so I can post video of the hell sequence which is mind-blowing, and then we’re on to Henry King’s talkies of Borzage’s SEVENTH HEAVEN and Griffith’s WAY DOWN EAST, which also get clips to give you an idea. Some of Simone Simon’s close-ups in the former may take the sting out of quarantine for those indoors.

WAY DOWN EAST stars Tom Joad; Jessie Pullman; Irving Pincus: the Wicked Witch of the West; Pa Joad; Link Appleyard; Penny Sycamore; Susan Paine; Aunt Milly; Whitey; Mr. Herman Shimelplatzer; Mrs. Carol Stark; Mary Todd Lincoln; and Michaela Villegas.

SEVENTH HEAVEN stars Irena Dubrovna Reed; John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson; Dr. Paul Christian; Max Fabian; Mrs. Manette; Miser Stevens; ‘Pap’ Finn; ‘Concentration Camp’ Ehrhardt; Frau Berndl; Napoleon Bonaparte; Malita; Lo Tinto; and Dr. Leonardo.

4 Responses to “Return of the Kings”

  1. Andre Ferreira Says:

    Your Forgotten series is a goldmine – I’ll be paying more attention to King from now on. The trend of remaking silent masterpieces looks pretty interesting – I was aware of Brahms’ Broken Blossoms (partly thanks to another Forgotten article). Which silent remakes do you think are the best?

  2. I enjoy Ben Hur, arguably better than the original. There must be lots… Hell’s Heroes became Three Bad Men. I suppose Universal’s Frankenstein and Dracula are remakes, as is Mad Love…

  3. Credit to the talkie DANTE’S INFERNO for delivering three big set pieces: the epic “real” hell is preceded by a big, vulgar fake hell that collapses into a disaster movie, then followed by a more upscale and decadent disaster on a burning luxury ship. The hero’s hubris causes that second horrific tragedy AFTER getting that literal fire-and-brimstone illustrated sermon — it’s as if they tacked a movie and its sequel together (Just when you thought it was safe to put Spencer Tracy in charge of a party …).

    A nice touch: It begins with Tracy goldbricking in a ship’s boiler room, and almost ends with him desperately stoking the fires. Did they consider letting him find redemption there in the flames, instead of surviving to tell his wife he finally gets it?

  4. We just watched 1408, the Stephen King haunted hotel room movie, which had four endings shot, with John Cusack sometimes perishing in an inferno, sometimes not. Weirdly, the penultimate sequence would have made a better ending than any of them.

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