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Return of the Kings

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New edition of Forgotten By Fox over here! Looking at Fox’s remakes of silent classics: DANTE’S INFERNO gets a look in, just so I can post video of the hell sequence which is mind-blowing, and then we’re on to Henry King’s talkies of Borzage’s SEVENTH HEAVEN and Griffith’s WAY DOWN EAST, which also get clips to give you an idea. Some of Simone Simon’s close-ups in the former may take the sting out of quarantine for those indoors.

WAY DOWN EAST stars Tom Joad; Jessie Pullman; Irving Pincus: the Wicked Witch of the West; Pa Joad; Link Appleyard; Penny Sycamore; Susan Paine; Aunt Milly; Whitey; Mr. Herman Shimelplatzer; Mrs. Carol Stark; Mary Todd Lincoln; and Michaela Villegas.

SEVENTH HEAVEN stars Irena Dubrovna Reed; John ‘Scottie’ Ferguson; Dr. Paul Christian; Max Fabian; Mrs. Manette; Miser Stevens; ‘Pap’ Finn; ‘Concentration Camp’ Ehrhardt; Frau Berndl; Napoleon Bonaparte; Malita; Lo Tinto; and Dr. Leonardo.

Covid’s metamorphoses

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The supermarket shelves of Leith have an arid, Soviet-era bareness, at least as far as dry pasta, toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissues, and the supply of heat magazine doesn’t look great either. Has this happened in your neighbourhood. Be grateful if not, but remember that what happens in Leith today will happen worldwide tomorrow. Just look at TRAINSPOTTING.

My sense is that my so-called community is panic-buying, meanwhile coughing all over one another and walking about with grimy, pestilent hands, while schools remained open until today for some inscrutable reason. I’m sure times have changed but in my day Scottish schoolboys communicated mainly through their knuckles, and the possibilities for cross-infection via fisticuffs seem considerable.

Yesterday afternoon, our local, Sofi’s, was fairly thronging with punters in defiance of the edicts (well, not really edicts, more tentative suggestions) from our leader, Boris the Crackwomble.

I have got a reasonable supply of food in. I don’t think I’m to blame for any stripped-down shelving, since I started buying a wee bit more than usual weeks ago. If I get moderately sick I should be able to hole up with Fiona for a couple of weeks, which might be interesting. If the loo roll runs out, I have a supply of very old 2000AD comics which were printed on bog paper anyway. I wasn’t sure why I was hanging onto them: now I have a notion. I could re-read them one last time…

The biggest worry is my octogenarian but healthful parents, who can self-isolate in their flat which is in a complex for elderly people so hopefully the staff can keep them supplied with essentials.I’m very interested in war stories from you guys, feel free to share.