King in the Rain

20200312_164958New on Blu-Ray from Masters of Cinema, King Hu’s last major work (according to authorities better-versed than I), RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN.

This joins four other King movies all from Eureka, all with vid essays by your truly, with a major assist from Anne Billson on THE FATE OF LEE KHAN.

Available now!

Typically gorgeous photographically, with a mix of slow, beautiful contemplative stuff and exciting action. My gateway drug was DRAGON INN but these are all well worth getting your hands on, perhaps via the link below?

Raining In The Mountain (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition

5 Responses to “King in the Rain”

  1. The King Hu Movies remind me of a question I need to ask you. A couple of years ago I saw Foreign movie, apparently set in China during the middle ages, where the emperor is slowly poisoning his wife. Her children rebel and are killed by the emperor.

  2. This sounds like Curse of the Golden Flower from director Zhang Yimou.

  3. The most memorable scene in the movie is the arrival of a small army in The courtyard of the palace of the emperor. The walls surrounding the courtyard are mobile and filled with archers and swordsman. The wallsgradually close in on the army in the courtyard and kill them all

    Is this scene in the movie?


  4. Tony Williams Says:

    I’m trying to get a review copy from Eureka since I’ve written on THE FATE OF LEE KHAN and LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAIN. Saw a theatrical version of RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN in New York several years ago. It is a brilliant film and I’m sure the restoration is superb. If Godard once said, “The Cinema is Nicholas Ray,” I would add “The Cinema is also King Hu.”

  5. Bryce, I think so:

    King Hu is a special kind of Pure Cinema. Hope MoC are forthcoming with a review copy!

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