Marshall Law

Since we skipped a week in Forgotten By Fox, we’re having another one this week, a George Marshall double feature of kidnapping dramas for all you abductors out there. Over here.

SHOW THEM NO MERCY! stars Lillian ‘Lillums’ Lovewell; The Joker; John Driscoll; Count Jacob; Goldie Locke; Angelface; Hamilton Burger; Major Tetley; Captain Fifi; and The Unknown.

NANCY STEELE IS MISSING! stars Gypo Nolan; Nero Wolfe; Mr. Moto; Lorna MacLaurel; Baron Latos; Ma Joad; Major Tetley again; Brick Bradford; Man Yelling for Food (uncredited); Amos Hart; Secretary of War Stanton; Detective Bates; Apollo Creed’s corner; Mrs Hudson; Dr. Alexis Zarkov; and The Unknown again.

2 Responses to “Marshall Law”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Fabulous ending you have linked there! George Marshall is definitely a “Subject For Further Research” He dealt with a pretty wide range of material and was extremely well-liked by actors in the business.

    And now, A propos Rochelle. . . (No, not “Seinfeld’s” legendary “Rochelle Rochelle”)

  2. That’s quite a tango!

    Marshall had real skill, but I don’t know if he either just didn’t get offered many good scripts or he didn’t have the skills or clout to transform them. When everything works, you get Destry Rides Again. But that doesn’t happen frequently.

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