“We can’t enjoy ourselves infinitum.”


The above sentence is from HOW I WON THE WAR, one of the late Charles Wood’s many brilliant lines, which combine slang, gobbledygook and non sequiturs into a kind of personal language named by John Gielgud: Woodery-pokery.

The most melancholy writing task I’ve ever performed was writing obits of the Great Man for The Independent and The Stage, which you can now read. But, at the same time, it was a privilege to be asked. We can’t enjoy ourselves infinitum. Thanks to Kate Wood.

6 Responses to ““We can’t enjoy ourselves infinitum.””

  1. The link to The Stage links to your Gallant Lady piece on Mubi instead.

  2. OOPS. Fixing…

    Fixed. Weird, I spotted that earlier and was sure I’d fixed it.

    The Gallant Lady piece will get its own separate link later today.

  3. ROGER ALLEN Says:

    I remember being astonished by “H” and it’s still impressive to read. Even if “It will never be done again, it cost too much”, why not make a film of it or adopt Rita’s solution to the problems of “Peer Gynt” and do it on the radio?

  4. Radio would be good. It’s so much of the stage, it’s hard to see how you could film it without destroying it, although if anyone has a bright idea and a budget, those kind of challenges do sometimes make the best films.

    Jealous you got to see it.

  5. Judy Jarvis ( Matheson) Says:

    Have you seen ( or actually ever heard of!) The Emergence Of Anthony Purdy Esquire, Farmer’s Labourer? Working on that was one of the most interesting jobs I’ve ever had, playing this wonderful script opposite the astonishing Freddie Jones. Charles Wood was entirely fascinating.

  6. Oh my God, I don’t know that one at all, but Jones performing Wood sounds incredible. And with you, also!

    Sadly, much of Wood’s TV writing is impossible to see at present, but I have some hope the situation will be rectified one day.

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