Madame foX


A new Forgotten by Fox column over at The Notebook brings us into the pre-code era — GALLANT LADY is helmed by La Cava and stars Ann Harding and Clive Brook, both in excellent form, liberated by their director’s pixillated improv approach. Also, did Brook always have to play drunk to be fun?

Here, with clip to prove all I say.


4 Responses to “Madame foX”

  1. bensondonald Says:

    What I know of Otto Kruger is that he was the hero of “Dracula’s Daughter”, and for the first half I just assumed his annoying doctor was going to be offed by the title character, and/or told off by a more decent fellow who’d clinch the girl at fadeout.

  2. Yeah, you can’t put him in lead roles. He comes off kind of creepy in Magnificent Obsession, too, and that character really, really shouldn’t.

  3. Hitchcock was reportedly disappointed that the high toned Otto ended up playing the villain in Saboteur when he’d wanted the folksy Harry Carey, but I always liked Otto. He’s really good in High Noon and Joseph H. Lewis’s unappreciated cheapie Secrets of a Co-Ed.

  4. Harry Carey would have been magnificent, but Kruger is terrific in that one. A rough sketch for James Mason in North by Northwest, perhaps. An idea begun in The Thirty-Nine Steps, where the villain has a charming wife and the whole espionage and murder business has to be carried out between, or during, family and social engagements.

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