The Sunday Intertitle: L’Herbier Rides Again


Magnificent intertitles from L’HOMME DY LARGE, the closing film at this year’s Hippfest.


I have my tickets to all of Sunday’s screenings, now I just have to calculate which of the Thursday, Friday and Saturday films I can afford. I’m extremely tempted by FILIBUS THE AIR PIRATE with music by my chum Jane Gardner, but there’s also THE WOMAN MEN YEARN FOR and CITY GIRL… And I’ve never seen THE LOVES OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS, showing on Thursday with Fay Compton in the lead (before she owned Hill House), and on the same day, Asta Nielsen as HAMLET.

Since my writing work for the fest has bagged me tickets to POIL DE CAROTTE and THE MARK OF ZORRO, it makes sense to concentrate on Friday and Saturday, since actually getting to Bo’ness and back is part of the expense.


Oh, I just can’t decide!

(Anybody with a car going through on Thurs, Fri or Sat?)

3 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: L’Herbier Rides Again”

  1. Bryce a. Suderow Says:

    I would choose to watch the movie city girl. I sought many years ago and in love with it

  2. Yes, it’s tempting. With music by the Dodge Brothers, who scored Beggars of Life a few years back, very jauntily.

    Once one is in Bo’ness, there’s not that much to do… or eat. So if I’m going through on a Saturday, say, I might as well see everything that’s showing.

  3. ehrenstein47 Says:

    Read Noel Burch’s book on L’Herbier in the Edition Seghers series. He regards “L’Argent” as L’Herbier’s masterpiece

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