Walsh Out


The latest edition of Forgotten By Fox is now published by MUBI, here. Let Raoul Walsh drag YOU kicking and screaming into the talking era, why don’t you?

Bonus items of audible interest: frying bacon, Warner Baxter’s Mexican accent, Charles Farrell attacks the bead curtains.

4 Responses to “Walsh Out”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    I saw “The Big Trail” in all it’s 70mm glory about 8 years back at a special AMPAS screening of films from the 30s in that format. Astonishing.

    Even more astonishing was “The Bat Whispers”

  2. TBW seems to really have a successful WS aesthetic. TBT creates this amazing reconstructed world, but it felt like every time Walsh realised his long shot wasn’t going to sustain dramatic involvement, just when later movies would have cut in closer, he went WIDER. So it’s a very faraway film. Still, I bet it does work much, much better on a big screen.

  3. Matthew Clark Says:

    It seems to me that there are two different Edmund Lowes? The personable, easy going Sargent in Old Arizona, and the companionable rival of Victor McLaglen in Cockeyed World and Guilty As Hell. And then there is the stiff, cold toff with the thin mustache of Chandu, Bombay Mail, Black Sheep and most of the rest of the movies he starred in. What happened to the easy going persona of his earlier films?

  4. Just realized I haven’t really seen him in anything post-30s and he was acting until 1960. Well, I’ve seen Heller in Pink Tights but all I remember is pink tights.

    He’s delightful in Mad Holiday. His Walsh stuff has a swagger but he also could be a more modest light comedian.

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