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The Sunday Intertitle: Ripping Yarn

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LEA UND IHR KNAUEL (LEA AND HER BALL OF WOOL, 1913) is a really appealing, colossally destructive short film, anticipating Chantal Akerman’s SAUTE MA VILLE.

Lea (the prolific — 122 films we know of in ten years — Lea Giunchi) is told not to read, but instead work. Her parents hand her a ball of wool and leave her to crochet. But Lea immediately loses the wool (it’s become attached to her back) and proceeds to tear the apartment to pieces looking for it. So the movie is just a rampant young woman smashing things in a frenzy.


The destruction is not convincingly accidental — it seems utterly willed, like some of Jerry Lewis’s mishaps. Lea just lunges at stuff. She also climbs all over the furniture, up on wardrobes and stuff, knocking them over, which looks like fun. The whole film is the vicarious pleasure of wanton demolition, and at the end Lea is given the ultimate reward craved by those of us who make a bad job of something — she’s told not to do it anymore. She can go back to reading.


Now that’s what I call a happy ending!

This is from the lovely GIRLS RUN WILD compilation but you can watch it here: