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Neg Sparkle

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I’ve begun a new column of, uh, ruminations at The Chiseler, entitled Neg Sparkle (as opposed to Ned Sparks, not that I am in any sense opposed to Ned Sparks).

First installment.

Adult Situations

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I was starting to wonder how I was ever going to get to see Costa-Gavras’ latest, so I finally decided to chance my arm, contact the sales agent and ask for a copy to review. Then I contacted MUBI and asked if they’d host the piece, since I wanted it to reach the widest audience possible. One reason I was anxious about getting to see the movie was that the trade press had been spectacularly dense and unsympathetic at Venice.

This movie deserves to be seen — it’s smart, dynamic and darkly funny in the best Costa-Gavras tradition.

Here is link.