The Sunday Intertitle: What can you lose in a dream?

HOLE IN MY SOUL is a documentary/essay film by Dusan Makavajev produced by BBC Scotland as part of a series The Director’s Place which also included pieces by Lindsay Anderson, John Boorman and (odd woman out) Susan Seidelman. The Anderson is a beautiful if-this-is-farewell piece and the Makavajev is similarly elegiac — when you make a film about your own inability to get a film funded, the end may be in sight. (Boorman’s was the film that made me really think, “This guy is finished,” which turned out, happily, to not be true.)

The film has intertitles!

Plus a pig in nail varnish and appearances by Eva Ras (SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR) and Milena Dravic (W.R.). Roving from Serbia to San Francisco (and here’s the Tranasamerica Building again!) “Mak” mixes doc footage, clips from his previous movies, other movies, film of the old Yugoslavia (which has ceased to exist and left the titular hole) — all diced up, thrown in the air and combined with what Derek Malcolm I think it was described as “magisterial abandon.” With an infuriatingly catchy Super-Mario-style synth soundtrack.

Really good stuff. Rush to your local multiplex and see this 1994 Scottish Serbian-language TV production immediately!

(And here is another limerick.)

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