Kino Phreno

From… is it Photoplay? I think so.

This all seems really grotesque and insulting. Even the term “back-head” feels like a sneer.

Doesn’t impress me. If they’d said, “He will be dead soon,” that WOULD impress me.

Most of the other studies in this article are of actors whose names are lost to history (Bert Lytell, anyone?), but here is Antonio Moreno just so I can say “Phreno Moreno.”

They make him sound like Piltdown Man crossed with Hamlet, prince of Denmark.

The modern screen actor I’d most like to see analysed from a bumps-on-the-head viewpoint is William Hurt, who is practically part-Klingon. His bumps could teach us many things.

What now? Oh yes, an intertitle. From THE SHEIK:

3 Responses to “Kino Phreno”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:


  2. The phrase, then, as now: what a lot of hooey!!

  3. bensondonald Says:

    Bugs Bunny, among many others …
    “I will now read the bumps on your head.”
    “But I don’t have any bumps on my head.”
    (repeated application of outsized mallet)

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