Inn Fighting

Got my copy of king Hu’s THE FATE OF LEE KHAN, featuring a video essay by Anne Billson and myself. Fortuitously, Anne knew the film well and was cat-sitting for us when the job came in. We got back from Bologna, I recorded our cat-sitter’s words, and wrote my own comments to fit in around them.

Have now done, or co-done, essays on DRAGON INN, A TOUCH OF ZEN, TFOLK, LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAIN, and have just finished RAINING IN THE MOUNTAIN. Which leaves THE VALIANT ONES, which I hope will be next.

Well, not next — I have another two lined up, but I’ll tell you about those another day.

You’ll like TFOLK — lots of sneaking around in an inn, and then lots of fighting — classic Hu.

Question — who is King Hu receiving his 1975 Cannes Grand Prix for A TOUCH OF ZEN from? Hu is the one on the right. The statuesque lady with the ratted hair has an Ann-Margaret quality and also a Pamela Tiffin quality and does not seem to be a member of the jury, because she ain’t Jeanne Moreau, Lea Massari or Yuliya Solntseva.

Whoever it is, it seems an amusing combo.

5 Responses to “Inn Fighting”

  1. Michele McKenzie via Twitter says Ann-Margret, and I just realized that Tommy was the closing film that year, so it all makes sense, in a dreamlike way.

    (Imagine being at Cannes and seeing A Touch of Zen and Tommy and then seeing them come together like this!)

  2. ehrenstein47 Says:

    I adore “Goodbye Dragon Inn.” It’s may favorite film about moviegoing and highly relevant to the current Marty Debate as theaters like the one featured in it — and their audiences – are a vanishing species.

  3. Crazy that I still haven’t seen that. I can imagine the Hu reference working the way Red River does in The Last Picture Show.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    You’ll love it since it has cameos by two actors who appeared in the original DRAGON INN.

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