The Blake Edwards Void

Blake Edwards understood the graphic value of the pitch-black background, let’s leave it at that. No need to get all psychological and dwell on the spiritual emptiness aspect of things.

But it is quite pleasing to observe the visual rhyme between SKIN DEEP’s “celebrated” luminous condom scene, and the unpleasant protagonist’s experience of Limbo in SWITCH. Well, he is a total dick.

2 Responses to “The Blake Edwards Void”

  1. ehrenstein47 Says:

    “Switch” was essentially a remake of a lesser Axelrod play “Goodbye Charlie” which starred Lauren Bacall on Broadway and Debbie Reynolds in Minnelli’s lamentale screen adaptation.

  2. And it has even less idea how to develop the idea. A girl-on-girl sex scene was reportedly shot and deleted. A shame, kind of. Ellen Barkin is evidently a good physical comedian but the movie just has her struggling with high heels… one feels there was more potential in the idea than that.

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